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  1. 0 I was looking for some opinions on deciding which school to attend. Of two choices, both are integrated programs with a ton of clinical experience. One school seems to be a more "student friendly" program (giving days off after call, etc). The downside is I would have a 30 - 50 min commute depending on clinical site.
    The other program, I have been told uses students as staff, has a lot of call and may require clinical time even during academic breaks. This program is within 5-15 min commute and I should qualify for in-state tuition and save about $7000. My question is: Which is more important...a short commute and cheaper tuition or a more student/family friendly program?
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    In my opinion your state of mind will be important while you are in the program. A short commute wouldn't be too bad if you are happier and treated well. That's my two cents.
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    Money issue to consider also.. is $7000 a nice chunck to save to you?
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    I know of current hospital with starting salaries of around $100K, loan reimbursement up to $50K, and sign on bonuses around $20K. Basically, I'm saying don't let $7k be a deciding factor, or sacrifice your potential sanity during school. And you can always use a short commute to listen to lectures (again) that you recorded in class. I'm in school with people driving 1 and 1/2 hours every day, and they seem to be doing fine so far. Good luck making the right choice!
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    If I were to decide just based on the information you provided, I, personally, would choose the one further away.
    What does your heart and/or gut tell you?

    Like many things in life, you get what you pay for...

    BTW, my commute to school is a 45 minute drive one way (82 miles roundtrip) , M-TR.
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    Student-friendly. Hands down. No contest. PM if you want my wordy rationale, but suffice it to say that anesthesia programs are so demanding that if you have been offered a position in a program that is good to its students...TAKE IT. Two years is a very long time in anesthesia school.