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Game over people... ASA president... Jane Fitch. Thoughts?... Read More

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    Quote from AnesRN
    Unfortunately, due to the political hostility fueled by BOTH groups, I don't think we will ever see an unbiased, well designed research study. But, should a study be published in a peer-reviewed, non-biased journal (i.e., Health Affairs, American Journal of Public Health, etc.) I think we could all come to some sort of consensus. However, to say that there should have been some differences shown in the care between anesthesiologists and CRNAs by now, I believe, ignores the fact that it hasn't been truly assessed yet, as mentioned, by an unbiased, well designed research study. If there have been, you are welcome to post links/abstracts/etc., I may well be simply unaware of them.
    If you are truly a CRNA then all those studies are easily accessible to you either through a simple pubmed, internet, and/or AANA website.

    I would also like to see how you came to conclusion that all these studies are poorly designed. Simply saying a study was funded by X group does not automatically make it a poorly designed study, even if was true that all the studies on CRNA safety had been funded by nursing groups which they have not been.
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