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Hello, Id like to get some information on the career path of a crna. Iv heard it takes no longer than 7 years to become a crna. But i really have some questions. How long does it take are what... Read More

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    paindoc, in your numerous years of experience, have you witnessed much rural health care. I ask this because I am planning on going back to a town of 10000 people to work at the 2 OR hospital there. In towns like this, you are 'forced' to interact with the patients because they are the people you go to church with, whose kids play with your kids, and basically you see them everyday. And when I say forced, this is not a bad thing because it makes following up on the patient good for both yourself and the patient. I know this because my father has been a CRNA in one of these communities for 35+ years.

    Also, if you could answer truthfully, why all the hate towards CRNAs; every single post since Oct. 31 2008 has been about CRNAs. It is a role in healthcare that needed to be filled, and has been for a long time by competent individuals; in rural areas such as my hometown, were there no CRNAs, people would have to travel 1 1/2 hrs to get to the closest med-center.

    As I have always said, this bickering is counterproductive; there is a role and place for everyone in healthcare--the main focus should be the patient, shoudn't it?
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    Just who is not a technician? We all are technicians to some to some degree.
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    I LOVE this site
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    Ok lots of stuff on here. I think CRNA are awesome but they have probably been doing ICU or something close then decided to go back to school yea to them. Docs are becoming threatened by these nurses because they DEFIN know their stuff and could probably toss a few docs on their knowledge base. Now you can definitely make good money but a RN in management such as DON or CNO can rate the same pay by knowing to go get her MSN in hosp admin. The secret is to love taking care of people if you don't do not become a nurse. If you have always loved that even as a young person taking care of others than go for it and believe in yourself but I will honestly say with college in biological sciences at first that was nothing compared to the stress time money and energy I devoted to being a nurse and it was worth every bit because I love it. Ask yourself do you love it and what place and who do you want to care for. The sky is the limit. If you want to do what the docs do you can work with them and be a nurse practitioner if you like the clinic.

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