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End up loving it? I'm strongly considering CRNA school for many reasons but primarily the salary. My opinion toward anesthesia right now is that it's not a passion or anything, I don't love it, I... Read More

  1. by   06crna
    Paramedic RN - I honestly don't know. I plan to take a few months off after I retire to consider my options, whether that is in/out of healthcare, back to medical sales, change fields entirely, or stay retired.
  2. by   06crna
    JJ - I was in medical sales. I am neither beautiful nor an ass-kisser. Most reps, especially the ones in job tracks to make big money, have a Bachelor in a non-nursing specialty, often an MBA, rigorous training, and huge quotas. It is a scramble and a hustle and constant, unrelenting pressure in the Corporate world.

    I know a few nurses who have successfully made the crossover into lucrative sales gigs, but I know several who are clinical specialists or in support roles. Still a great job, just not the income potential of a direct sales rep.