How many hours you work or worked?

  1. This forum is amazing to discuss different aspects of this awesome Anesthesia field.I found the hours worked thread for nurses but not of CRNAs. So guys please tell the number of hours you currently work or worked in past.I know many practitioners who work 55 hours.So tell yours.
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  3. by   superking
    I have a CRNA friend who works between 60 to 70 hours.But it is a slow rural practice.
  4. by   AnesthesiaFreak
    I work 55 hours average.
  5. by   NeoMurse
    I work anywhere from 45-60 hours per week. One of the facilities I work at requires working one saturday a month so those weeks are closer to 70 hours if I work the full 6 days.
  6. by   BigPappaCRNA
    Most work 40-50 hours a week, as part of our regular job. Many, many, work more by picking up additional time, and call, and shifts. Some really get the bug, and take 24 hour call on weekends at second jobs, as well as what they do for their regular job. Or pick up plastics on the side. Or an OB gig on the side. Or a pain practice on the side. The work ethic of CRNAs is pretty darn impressive, and those that want to work non-stop certainly can, and will be rewarded handsomely for doing so.
  7. by   Gassadist
    So if someone works 60 hours what you think he makes annually?Any guess