First job out of CRNA school

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in pursuing a career in CRNA and was just wondering if recent graduates of CRNA programs were able to find jobs easily? I graduated from RN school 2 years ago and found it very difficult to find a job without any experience. Are you finding you have to wait for a few months or having a job before graduation? And please tell me where you are from thanks!!!
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    The average age for CRNAs is 47 according to AANA data. There is predicted to be a large turnover from retiring CRNAs in the near future. That being said there is more and more nurse anesthesia schools opening all the time. The CRNA market tends to be similar to the RN market in one aspect in that saturation has more to do with region/city than anything else, if you are willing to relocate then you shouldn't have trouble finding a job as a CRNA.
  6. by   blucrna
    that sounds like the catch 22 of nursing. Everyone requires experience but nobody is willing to hire you until you have it. That being said, i'd agree with wtbcrna. I live in ohio and I always see job listings for APN's and crna's from cleveland clinic, akron general, and St. Elizabeth. So It may just be your region.