Did you like being a Critical Care Nurse prior to CRNA?

  1. I'm currently working in a SICU at a large university research hospital. At best, my job is tolerable. Most of the time I feel overworked (not overwhelmed), under-appreciated, and under paid (I make less than $50k a year - I'm not being greedy here).

    Obviously CRNA is an option I've considered as is NP. What I'd like to know is that if my not particularly loving being a critical care nurse will also mean that I will dislike being a CRNA. Thanks.
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    Sorry, saw that there was already a thread on this.
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    It's hard to say. As a CRNA you'll definitely be worked hard, but it's just with one patient at a time so it might feel better to be able to focus on one patient at a time. You definitely won't get "appreciated" by anyone really. The patient wakes up groggy and often cranky, you don't get to see family postop most of the time, and the MDA's and nurses expect you to deliver a smooth anesthetic, so you're not receiving praise that often for it. Some of the OR staff get nasty simply because you're a nurse anesthetist, and the anesthesiologists can get territorial. I'd figure out what about work in particular is bothering you and post it here to see if it happens in anesthesia. I particularly liked being a CCRN and I'm liking being an SRNA so... if you don't like your job because of your management, then it's safe to say things aren't like that everywhere.
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    Sorry I know this post isn't related but I see that you may possibly work at the hospital that I am going to be working at and I wanted to know if you knew anything about the neuro step down unit or acute care medicine. If you know anything about these departments as far as any advice or how it is on the floor as far as workflow can you please let me know. I would appreciate it UMMC