current SRNA having problems with Texas BON

  1. Hey everyone, I'm currently a SRNA who started school with two previous dwi arrests, both of which were reduced to obstructions of highway. I am currently on probation and have no problems while in school. I am a straight A student in my program right now. Before applying to the CRNA program I had already told the school my history and they had no problem with it either.

    I had also self reported myself to the board of nursing as I am supposed to. The issue I'm having now is that the Nursing Board has, after many months, decided to press Formal Charges on me while I am in the CRNA program.

    So I have two questions:
    1. Does anyone know if the hospitals and anesthesia groups that I will need to do my internship under care about having formal charges?

    2. How bad are formal charges really?

    Basically if I can't continue my program I'm in such an amount of debt AND I wouldn't be able to get a job afterwards because of the formal charges on my license that my life is basically suspended indefinitely. In my opinion I'd have to start over for good in life and just choose another career even though I'm so close to realizing my goals.
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  3. by   BCRNA
    Do you mean that they are trying to revoke your license? Making you enter a rehab program? A BON can't charge you with a crime, only revoke licensure and require rehab and follow up care (usually by just charging you outrageous fines for a couple of years). You should verify with the BON. If you are not actively an alcoholic or have an extensive history of DUI they will bring you before the board and determine if you need rehab. They might require a 12-step program and random drug tests, plus fines. As long as they don't take your license away permanently you will be fine. Though if they suspend your license temporarily you will have to delay your school. If you do have a long history of alcoholism, then they might seek permanent revocation (but this is rare, and usually after a few tries of rehab)
  4. by   lvo55
    In their agreed order that they sent me it they did say 1) pay money, 2) random urine and alcohol tests for one year 3) supervised employment for one year.

    I let them know that I wasn't able to sign that agreed order because I was in CRNA school although I'd be willing to follow their agreed order as long as it could reflect the fact that I was in school, not employed.

    Afterwards, they sent me a Formal Charge (that has now appeared on my license) citing that basically my conduct isn't fit for nursing and that I could be a danger to patient safety.

    I'm under the impression that they're trying to strong arm me here into succumbing to their outrageous penalties but I have to be sure.
    I have already gotten their addiction evaluation done which came back with "no diagnosis."

    Does anyone know the probability that they will suspend my license? If I can't finish the program the amount of debt I would be in from not working for almost a year now as well as school is staggering. I have no idea how I would ever be able to come out of it. It's almost to the place where I might as well change professions all over again.
  5. by   lvo55
    Also, thanks anyone for their advice or help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it right now.
  6. by   Deltaflaze
    I really don't know much about this kind of issue...but it sounds like you might benefit from consulting with a lawyer? Lawyer fees would be way cheaper than switching careers entirely, especially when you're making CRNA pay. Just my two cents. Sorry couldn't help more.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    This is something we can't advise you on - you NEED a lawyer, one who specializes in administrative law and who has dealt with the BON on multiple prior occasions. You should NOT discuss this.
  8. by   Maizee
    Quote from traumaRUs
    This is something we can't advise you on - you NEED a lawyer, one who specializes in administrative law and who has dealt with the BON on multiple prior occasions. You should NOT discuss this.
    Yes, you need a lawyer.
    However, I am pretty sure you made the BON mad by not doing as they asked. You CAN be supervised as a SRNA and they will definately require it now when they give you a Board Order, even if it doesn't come til after you are a CRNA.
    YES it matters when you apply for a job or hospital PRIVILEGES (not a right-sadly, you have none).
    Don't sign anything, be anonomous and call TPAPN to find out their requiments and if you are even eligible to self refer. The requiments are stringent but no greater than the BON will require now that you are on their radar. The BON has now branded you as uncooperative and its easiest for them to just suspend your license.

    The lawyer will best advise you if its best to self refer and get all this NONSENSE overwith.
    The BON IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! They have a huge backlog and want to deal with you the simplest way.
    TO ANYONE, if a hospital peer review group starts making aligations, don't admit to anything other than you want to call your lawyer-one that has dealt with the BON and is on your speed dial. They have the right to revoke your PRIVILEGES and you are GUILTY until proven innocent.
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  9. by   traumaRUs
    As this is an issue over a year old, will close with the caveat that we can't provide legal advice.