CRNA thoughts on my chances, would you practice with me? Am I ready?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have posted here before, but I wanted to get the thoughts of CRNA's and SRNA's on whether they think I am ready to apply to anesthesia school, and if they would feel confident practicing with me.

    I am currently employed in a SICU at a large level II teaching institution, in a large metropolitan area. I have been there for 1 year, and would be applying for Fall 2014 start, giving me 2.5 solid years of experience upon admission. I have been debating applying this year, or waiting another year to be a stronger applicant.

    In this SICU we routinely see invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring including: AML, ICP, CVP.. etCO2, ventilatory support, lots of crani's, hipec's, abdominal surgeries, traumas-head injuries GSW's, MVA's, falls, accidents..sepsis etc. Frequently we have patients on pressors such as neo/levo/epi/dopa/vaso, and just as frequently have sedated patients using fentanyl/propofol/versed etc... So this is a brief look at my experience.

    At admission I will be 25yo, CCRN and TNCC certified; I have two Bachelor Degrees my first with a 3.5 cumulative, and my BSN 3.8 cumulative with honors. I must mention that my BSN was an accelerated second degree program.

    I have shadowed twice, and both times have just increased my intrigue with anesthesia. I feel as though my entire academic career and life path has been designed to do this.

    I am open to all opinions, let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   JUSTanLPN
    Apply now. From the looks of it your already a strong applicant( pending science corse grades). All they can say is no...
  4. by   NurseLay
    Why would someone say yes to practicing with you if you have no training? It seems like you are seeking replies to help boost your self confidence. I say, sit down and evaluate whether or not CRNA is what you want to pursue, and if so, do a SELF evaluation of whether or not YOU think YOU are ready. If you do, apply, if not, then don't. Also, you can always contact the program directors directly and ask for a meeting, send in your transcripts for evaluation, and discuss your potential future in the respective program.
  5. by   SIguy_RN
    I realize I do not have training, I am just wondering if given my background CRNA's would feel comfortable with me at the head of the bed, assuming I *get* training. Yes, I am looking for a self-confidence boost, but mostly an evaluation of whether or not my current stats are up to par.

    It is not an issue of "if" I will purse anesthesia school, it is simply "when". Thanks for your reply.
  6. by   MeTheRN
    Speaking as someone who is almost done with CRNA school, go ahead and apply. You'll probably get in. If you're still interested after shadowing twice, you probably have some idea of what you're getting into. Good luck!
  7. by   denver nurse
    you are golden,

    and no worries about if you are needing a booster or not, hell we all need a reminder as to why we do things in this life. As far as your experience, you're a great candidate and I am 99.9 percent sure you will get into a school. I was an accelerated bsn too, applied to crna school after 9 months of experience, took gre and ccrn in that same time and studied my butt off. got accepted at 11 months and will have two solid years of experience at the start of crna school.

    Your stats look good...there are good nurses and bad nurses out determine what one you want to be and same goes to becoming a hard and have fun and everyone will want to work with you
  8. by   SIguy_RN
    thank you all for being so uplifting. I am still really nervous though!