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Hi Guys, I just graduated from an accelerated BSN program in August. I plan to apply to CRNA school after a couple years of ICU experience. I have been interviewing for ICU jobs and have received 2... Read More

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    hat actually came from research studies, and the motivation/cognitive flexability comes from a the book "A Resource for Nurse Anesthesia Educators".
    I should have been more clear. I meant do a study about nurse residency outcomes regarding entry into an APN field. Are nurses who graduate from an accredited residency program more likely to become APN's or are they more successful in those programs? We already know the outcomes of valid residency programs. Unfortunately there are hospitals that come up with their own programs that lack a valid curriculum and re-teach RN school instead of teaching higher level thinking - something the nurse resident needs in their professional career.

    I don't think any crna school accepts residency as part of 1 year ICU work experience even if you have been taking your own patients.
    The one in our state does because certified residency programs actually get nurses to the competent level in a more timely and reliable fashion (Benner's model). We know what their experiences are and more importantly, critical thinking is the most important deliverable in one of these programs. A skill I think is extremely important for any nurse much less APN.

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    I am fan of residency programs since I began my ICU career with one them years ago. There just isn't a lot of overlap in what you learn in the ICU and what you do day to day in anesthesia. It does sound like a good study though.

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