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Australian CRNAs?

  1. 0 Hey I have been trying to find out a few things. Does Australia allow American trained CRNAs to provide anaesthesia? If so, what kind of certification is needed to practice over there? I've been looking at where CRNAs can work internationally and it seems rather limited as most countries require doctors to administer anaesthesia. Thanks for any help :spin:
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    No they don't.
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    No, only Doctors are able to give anaesthetics and generally only those who have completed anaesthetic specialist training.
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    Quote from ghaleon128
    ....... Does Australia allow American trained CRNAs to provide anaesthesia? .......
    No. Although 107 nations around the globe do have nurse anesthetists in some form, in Oz, like the other members of the Olde British Empire (New Zealand, Canada, etc.), only docs do 'anaesthesia.'
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    CRNA is largely limited to USA, and a few other countries. i do not think you can practice as CRNA in australia. there is no such position. the legals do not cover it. good luck! tell me if you find anything new...