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How do you think Healthcare Reform is going to effect the field of anesthesia? From another blog: Don't know if this is still active, but this tries to exempt anesthesia from the reform... Read More

  1. by   Reminisce
    $150k - 60% = $60,000, $200k - 60% = $80,000, the average salary for a registered nurse in san francisco, ca is 80k, I don't see how this can be true, unless the government plans to lower registered nurse salary aswell, not only does a CRNA have to obtain a bsn they also obtain a masters while going for CRNA, all of this extra education to make less or equal to what they would be making with a asn as a registered nurse? I don't think I can buy into it, CRNA's are not doctors but they administer anesthesia just the same, if a MDA was making lets say $300k and they lowerd his salary 60% to $120k how many of those doctors do you think would stay MDA's? I doubt not that many which would make the demand higher and salary to go back to what they already are. right? am I missing something?
  2. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from neveragain
    Wow, so this FEDERAL LAW has absolutely nothing to do with supervision as it states, only billing, which it says nothing about. So this LAW actually means that it is giving people permission to BILL for supervision without actually having to supervise? Call me crazy, but *I* believe the law says what it says and means exactly what it says. I will have to call my congressman in DC and get back to you... No wonder health care is so expensive. Billing for supervision when there isn't a supervisor is not right. Having a law which clearly states that CRNA's must be supervised but is merely a billing tool is bizarre in my mind.
    This is a federal regulation not a law, and you really don't understand the topic your trying to discuss. You might try looking on AANA - Home
    and doing a search on supervision and opt-out to get a better understanding of the term "supervision" as it is used by CMS.
  3. by   stanman1968
    Never again is some strange person who has posted on at least one other board (a mistreated patient on topix) either they have some real emotional issues or are chronically resistant to knowledge eg regulation vs law. pay no nevah mind.
  4. by   JacobSZ
    if you look at anesthesia in terms of mda's making 300k+ a year, after a 50% pay cut that would still put them ahead of crna's making 135k a year on average. what this whole initiative tells me is that mda/doa's salaries are too high in the governments mind and they would like see more parity in pay for what they alleady see as parity in work.

    my fear is that other anesthesia providers will be financially hurt by the this same initiative, the aa’s and crna. i think it's sad that other practitioners of anesthesia could potentially be on the receiving end of salary cuts also, but you never know...
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  5. by   henryjames
    Quote from nursej22
    Interesting article, however the public option was dropped from the final House bill, and is projected to have no chance in the Senate.
    Meaning? SO you think anesthesia will receive a pay cut?
  6. by   henryjames
    Quote from wtbcrna
    I think I will listen to the AANA one of the most powerful anesthesia organizations in the country which is not predicting a cut in pay or a dramatic increase in private insurance rates. You may want to look a some neutral assessments on healthcare before spouting pure speculations on here.
    THanks wtbcrna for the AANA links. I am with you on that, I believe the AANA over most of these other articles. You stated that the AANA predicts no pay cut for CRNAs. Where does it say in the AANA link?
  7. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    I sure didn't vote for Obama. I am amazed at home many health care providers did.