Anesthesia Plan of Care for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients - page 2

Is there anything you do differently for OSA patients thank for non-OSA's? You know in advance, having done your History, that they might already pre-operatively be on narcotic pain meds, which depress respirations. How does... Read More

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    I like it when the patients bring their cpap with them and I like when they airways in place.

    Is it feasible to have airways in during surgery for the non-general anesthesia patients? Seems like an oral airway would be a great idea. It could just be left in as long as needed, couldn't it?

    Do you have plans at your facility to start telling OSA pts to bring their CPAP machines? The patients probably don't give it any thought. They probably think that someone would instruct them on everything to do , not do, what to bring or not bring, etc., especially something as vital as their CPAP machines. It is simple enough to tell them to bring it. But I think a lot of facilities don't, incredibly, think of OSA when they are dealing with pre-op patients. That is why we have a special unit, as mentioned. I'm glad you brought this up.

    What percentage of OSA patients have a problem in your experience, either in OR or RR? Does someone from Anesthesia stay immediately at hand post-op for an hour or more? Anything else you can think of re: OSA and surgery/recovery?
    Airways can be placed but the depth of the anesthesia needs to adequate for the patient to tolerate a nasal or oral airway being placed.

    Not sure about plans for the facility to tell patient to bring in CPAP because I am not present at the pre-admission interview.

    Not sure what % of patient have a problem and yes anesthesia is always available in recovery.
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