Advantages of GRE results?

  1. Hello everyone:
    First of all, I want to encourage all of those students to keep working hard, there is ligth at the end of the tunnel, that is your CRNA degree.
    I need your opinion regarding whether to mention my GRE or not.
    This is my situation: I applied to Kaiser/CSU Fullerton CRNA program last year. I made as far as the interview, but didn't make it into the program. However, I am reapplying for the second time this year. At the same time, I am taking the GRE, in order to be able to apply to other schools outside CA. (Kaiser doesn't require the GRE). My question is: should I mention the GRE in my application and interview, in case I am invited to interview again?
    What do I say to the fact that I am applying to other schools? It is a tricky situation. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   SnowieRN
    Cant hurt to mention it that your taking it, it might give you a boost when they evaluate you.

    If they ask why your applying to other schools say that your keeping your options open.
  4. by   keermie
    I was applying to a school that did not require the gre, although I had previously taken it and done well. I worked on getting it submitted before the interview and the scores were screened with rationale: it was not a requirement nor expectation in the way that the program evaluates candidates, which made sense to me. They just didn't believe it was a good indicator of success in the program, thus not evaluating it one way or the other.
  5. by   Passin' Gas
    If asked, say yes, you are applying to other schools. Shows intent to go, you are willing to do the extra work to get in somewhere. Do your homework before the interview. If you are asked about other schools, follow up with statements about why you want to go to THIS school. Look at the curricula, front-loaded vs integrated, nursing school vs non-nursing degree, reputation in the community, pass rates on certification exams, etc. Try not to say anything negative about the other schools but keep it positive on why you want to attend this particular school.

    Good luck on the interview(s) !!

  6. by   Brenna's Dad
    I agree with Passin' Gas a 100%. The fact that you are applying to other schools shows that you are completely intent on becoming a CRNA.

    I would suggest making it clear that the Kaiser program is your number one choice, but if you do not suceed, you will have to attend elsewhere.

    As far as the GRE goes, I think most schools are using this as a hoop to jump through. It's significance as an indication to passing grad school has been proven to be irrelevant.
  7. by   NOPAIN
    Thank you all for your advice, I will keep you posted with results and hopefully good news