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By the year of 2015 will all CRNA will be needing a Doctorate degree, instead of a Masters degree?... Read More

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    assembly of school faculty takes on doctoral preparation of nurse anesthetista
    aust 7-11, 2010

    as we get closer to the aacn (2015) and aana (2025) deadlines of implementing a doctoral program of nurse anesthesia, many issues still remain. kathleen a. fagerlund, crna, phd; and michael d. fallacaro, crna, dns, offered their take on the "movement to doctoral education - challenges and opportunities."

    fagerlund and fallacaro's presentation kicked off the assembly of school faculty, held on saturday. fagerlund reviewed the process of incorporating the doctorate into current nurse anesthesia programs. by 2015, no new nurse anesthesia programs will be approved unless they offer a doctorate. by january 1, 2022, all programs must offer a doctorate. and by 2025, all nurse anesthesia graduates entering practice must have a doctorate.

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    I think it depends on the school, every school is trying to make the transition, just no saying when.

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