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Hello, I have applied to SUNY Downstate's Fall 2012 CNM program and would like to get an idea of my chances. I would also like to connect with other applicants. I have a BSN, 3.5 GPA overall, and 5 years experience as a nurse.... Read More

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    I just received my acceptance letter today for the MSN/Midwifery program! I'm disappointed too that it's only part-time, but at least I'll have my foot in the door. I graduated in January with a BSN, and haven't been able to find employment.

    Did you apply for the dual program as well? I realize now that it requires 4 Research classes, which sounds perfectly daunting. I dread Research courses.

    Are you planning on working while attending school?

    Looking forward to meeting you.

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    Chana160,Where you placed on the waiting list or did you just get interviewed late? Congrats on getting in and hope to see you guys in the fall.
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    Congratulations Chana160! How exciting! Yes, I suppose I would be in the "dual" program. It's funny, if you're accepted into the Masters in Nurse Midwifery you're automatically enrolled in both the masters in nurse midwifery and the midwifery certificate - I think it has to do with being enrolled in both the school of nursing and the school of midwifery. From what I can tell, the two are not very connected. I did notice all of the research courses. It's quite a lot! I actually like research itself, but in the wrong hands, it can be made very boring and therefore difficult. My nursing school research instructor was not very good, so I'm hoping Downstate's instructors will make it a little more enjoyable!

    Did you graduate from nursing school as a traditional student, or did you do one of the accelerated BSNs? I did the accelerated BSN, graduated in May and was hoping that I would be able to go directly into midwifery school and not work as nurse. Nursing is a wonderful profession, but my heart is in midwifery. Had you been looking for a L&D or mother/baby unit? I've heard those can be difficult to get as a graduate nurse without other experience.

    I'm not sure if I'll work while in school. I would enjoy working at a women's clinic or doing lactation consulting, so if I can find something like that I will probably do it. Will you continue to look for work?

    Also, a word of advice - if you're a NY state student, start the NYS residency application now.

    Establishing New York State Residency Status for Tuition Billing Purposes

    You won't get any letter requesting/mentioning it and I found it to be a bit of pain to get the papers together. On their website it mentions to send it in a month before registration. Its already a little later than that, but I don't think it's a problem. Also, make an appointment with you PCP soon if you haven't already since the physical/health forms/PPD etc can be a bit of process. Those forms need to be processed in order register.

    Lastly, this page lists the books which I've been able to find cheaper on Amazon than their bookstore prices. The nursing textbook list isn't available yet, but the midwifery textbook list is up. The woman said to keep checking back for the nursing courses.

    All Course Textbook Lists

    Congrats again!

    Bety3ny, still no word? Will they let you know either way? I hope you get in!
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    Midwifetobe85,I received another letter today stating that they sent me the wrong alternate letter. When I read the first letter it said that I would get a seat if a student in the CRNA program declined. Today the revised letter said that it was suppose to say Nurse Midwife. I am gonna send them a letter to ask if my name was even placed on the appropriate list? I hope I get a seat and get those books and start reading.
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