Statistics Prerequisite for Frontier School

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    I am wanting to apply to FSMFN for the December 2009 class and do not have a Statistics class. Do I need to have this before I apply for the ADN-MSN Bridge program or have it before I get into the program. The due date for applications are August 2009.

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    If you're applying to the Bridge program, don't bother with the Stats class. You'll have to repeat it anyway per their policy.
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    I took stats before applying to the program at Frontier (ADN to MSN bridge), and they do not accept it. The only way they would accept my stats if I had a bachelor's in nursing or in another field. You will take stats in the 2nd term of the bridge year. I'm hoping that having already taken a stats course will help give me an advantage in the stats course the 2nd time around.
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    Thanks, I haven't taken a stats class yet, I have read U. Utah has a good stat class to take and it's an online course. Anyone taking this or have taken it in the past?
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    I have heard of the U Utah stats course. That's the one that's 8 months or so long, right? It's accepted by Frontier if you have a Bachelor's degree.
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    I would HIGHLY recommend the Frontier Stats class! Ask some of the others here. I was petrified about this. Everyone here helped to calm me down and I am now taking the class at Frontier. A very excellent book is required that makes statistics fun! I was so afraid of the math, but they give you a program with the book where you input your data. I have only just begun, but can tell you this is a really good course as it is already helping me to understand nursing research articles. I wish you all the best! Maybe we'll meet at the Frontier Bound as I am aplying for the FNP track and have not yet completed my portfolio.
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    If you are entering the ADN-MSN program do not take Stats, you will take it at Frontier as part of your bridge entry.

    If you are entering the program another way and need a Stats class - the U of U is a great program. It's self paced but you have up to 9 months to complete the program. I finished it in 10 or so weeks working on it about 10-20 hours per week. Content was easy to understand, instructor was very helpful with questions. It was not a scary class AT ALL. If you can do drug dosage calculations, you can do this class. There are 2 tests to be proctored - that was probably the only complaint I had because they have many restrictions on proctors and who can be your proctor for the tests. I took it there vs. Frontier mainly because of the cost.
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    I also registered for the U of U stats class when I missed the cut off for the Frontier summer class. I have to say that based on the advice above, I was expecting it to be a doable class. I have taken stats 2 times in the past (but over 10 years ago- hence the need to take it again).
    The class was an incredible amount of work- there are 38 homework assignments and virtual labs that need to be handed in. The midterm and final are paper/pencil and you need to secure a proctor (mentioned in a previous post). At the 1/2way mark, when I had completed 18 of the assignments, was prepping for the midterm, and was truly overwhelmed at having to take the other half of the class, I decided to register for the later session of the Frontier class. I spoke to someone taking it and found out the HUGE difference in the amount of work and time, and quite frankly, there is so much less material on the Frontier course and its tailor made to what you need for the Frontier program.
    I think the 2 courses are so different and even though the U of U class costs less, I really think anyone considering it should be clear on the massive amount of work that the U of U class in comparison to the Frontier class.
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    I HIGHLY suggest that anyone considering Frontier and needing to take a Statistics course to take it AT Frontier! It is geared to NURSING! It is also fun and VERY interesting. Take it from someone who was initially petrified to take this course. I ended up loving it! This is unlike other college classes where the statistic's courses are rather generic. This is all nursing oriented and has greatly empowered me in my quest to do further nursing research.Frontier faculty are exceptional. And, they WANT you to succeed!
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    i am aplying for the fnp track and have not yet completed my portfolio.
    hi barb

    this is an old thread but i was just wondering if you or anyone else had applied with the portfolio review, this seems like an excellent opportunity for someone like me previous bachelors degree (but lousy grades) adn (3.8 gpa) 5 years as an er rn. i have to take the stats class but then will more than likely apply, but i'd love to here from people who have gone through the process it would be so great not to have to spend more time and $$$$ getting a bsn before proceeding further



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