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    Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I'm in the process of putting together my application for the Frontier School of Nursing CNM class 81. The most daunting part of the application for me is choosing good references. Who has everyone else chosen or thinking about asking? So far, I have a friend/nursing supervisor who has filled out a form for me, and I am sending a letter to my dean of nursing.

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    Hi Elizabeth, welcome to Allnurses!
    The references part is a little daunting for me as well - glad to hear I am not the only one! I am planning to apply for CNEP, but for Class 82. I am hoping to start the application process soon, but I want to get further along in a doula course I am taking (and I still need to do my taxes.....).

    For the 2 supervisor references, I plan on asking my two supervisors/charge nurses. I still have not decided whom to ask for the peer reference. I have a few people in mind. I feel that I need to ask someone who has seen how I work with patients and handle things on a daily basis. Also, I'm trying to figure out how much time I should set aside for my references to fill the forms out. I want to give them enough time, so I'm thinking I should ask them at least by next month.

    Best wishes on your application process, and glad to have you here!
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    My references were my nurse manager, one of the OBs I work with a lot, and a coworker who is also a FNP.
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    I think that I was a little confused on who we could use for references if they had to be "academic" or supervisors/managers from work. The peer reference was pretty straight forward. For my third reference, I chose one of my teachers who approved my fertility awareness project. I wrote my reference requests last night for one of my teachers and the dean of nursing (I heard she would be tickled if I asked her for a reference which I thought was extremely sweet ) after reading about references on the Internet. Hopefully they accept my requests! I'm at sort of a disadvantage since I work in case management and not too many people know about my desire to become a midwife (would probably be looked down upon in my community) coupled with the fact that I don't practice bedside nursing anymore.

    While reading online about references, I guess it is customary to give the people you are requesting 2 weeks to a month to return letters. I also read that most people prefer that you do not use e-mail for requesting and that it be written and sent through old fashioned snail mail. This equates to a very long process for some of us which is okay since I'm still waiting for transcripts and another copy of my nursing license.

    For my reference requests, I started with a Word template and replaced each section with personal information such as the school that I was applying for, what I was planning to study, why I had chosen that person as a reference person, why I wanted to be a nurse midwife, when I needed to have my application turned in by, and any specific instructions.

    Now I need to focus on writing my statements about why I want (would kill for ) being a nurse midwife and how I will handle the rigors of nursing school.

    I'm glad that I'm not alone with reference difficulties!
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    I too have applied to Class 81! Perhaps I used the term more broadly than it was intended, but I figured that a professional supervisor was anyone that had supervised me in the work environment, i.e. a physician, a nurse midwife, or any other advanced practice nurse that was "supervising" me. I did not use a direct manager or supervisor as a reference, since I do not believe that they can truly know how I work with patients...they only go by word of mouth and evaluations, not direct observation. I hope this helps and hope to see you in August.
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    Has anyone else noticed what it says at the bottom of page 11 in the reference section......" Please return the applicant in a sealed envelope."
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    I noticed that sealed envelope part just before I sent everything in, I'm glad that I did. Has anyone had their interview yet, I am really anxious and I know it is probably too soon.
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    Quote from sarobynk
    I noticed that sealed envelope part just before I sent everything in, I'm glad that I did. Has anyone had their interview yet, I am really anxious and I know it is probably too soon.
    They are no longer requiring an interview, strting with the classes that start this August. 80, 81, etc-no interview
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    I am in Class 78. I used my current manager, prior supervisor and a co-worker. Yes they are no longer conducting phone interviews. I is more like an information session and last approximately 15-20mins. Hope this helps.
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    Hey Good luck to you all....I'm in the CNEP 64 class with two more terms to go until Clinical Bound...I can't wait!

    When I applied to Frontier I didn't know any NPs or CNMs, so I asked the nurse manager, nurse educator, and a co-worker/friend to be my references.

    Hope to see you in the Frontier forums....

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