Is it all worth it?

  1. 0 To all you experienced CNMs out there, would you do it all over again?

    I am wondering if the liability,insurance,lawsuits is making it to hard to practice what you love. I had a midwife deliver my daughter and it was the most wonderful birth! My midwife is what sparked the idea of midwifery in me. Although I always had my heart set on L&D. Shortly after the birth my midwife moved away with no notice.

    There was a large WHNP/CNM/MD group at my hospital and they recently all went separate ways. Just wondering how the market is out there and if delivering babies is still what you imagined it would be, especially in Ohio. TIA!
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    great questions! I would like to know as well.... but I guess that's an answer if no one has written???
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    Yeah, can't get a response!

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