Has anyone ever NOT been accepted to frontier?

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    I'm starting to freak out writing this $100 check! I want to do this SO bad, but I have no L&D experience (I've been trying so hard to get a job there!) Just being a charge nurse in subacute care for 1.5 years. I had a GPA higher than 3.0 at my graduation. So I do meet the requirements...
    It just seems too good to be true because of how badly I want to be a CNM. So has anyone ever NOT been accepted to Frontier? I don't mean wait listed, I just mean NOT accepted. I think I have read one person say that on here, but didn't give reasons.
    I just want to know the chances I guess.

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    I have no idea, but good luck! I also have "other" experience and have had no luck getting a job in a new specialty. I'm typecasted as an ICU nurse! I had been planning on getting a few years experience in L/D first, but debating on now looking into a CNM program. Keep us posted!
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    Keep us posted please!
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    This is an old thread ladies. I've been searching the same topic, with no luck. I've applied to cnep 116. I'll update as I'm given info
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    Oh whoops..just saw your note arayrn...well this is what I started to write..perhaps it will help Wendilee or someone else new applying..

    I'm not sure. I think I too read one without an explanation on here. But I just wanted to say that they don't care if you have L&D. The majority of accepted students do not. Its very hard to get into L&D these days and they know that. Plus, the midwives in the admissions committee must also recognize that nursing is not necessary to become a midwife as I had no nursing experience. 5 years of doula/CBE work and I was accepted.

    I was told by someone in admissions that essays and letters of recommendations count for a lot. Every part of your application counts for points and if you get enough points- above the 'passing number' (not sure exactly how many)- you WILL be accepted either to the class you applied or the next one. If you don't score enough points, you wont be accepted and something about your app packet would have to change before reapplying.

    So try not worry about your experience. Make sure that you're really happy with your essays- have several people critique them. If you are, remember it's the overall picture. Good luck!
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    well im extremely upset and dissapointed in frontier. their website clearly says "3.0 gpa from the most recent degree earned". i just graduated with my rn-bsn in april with a 3.68.....admissions emailed basically saying good luck but you dont meet the gpa requirements.

    my rn degree from 2011 was between 2.7-2.9( but had nothing to do with the nursing related courses, it was early college mistakes)....

    either way, their website lied if it is combining my gpas from the 2 schools. im highly let down and devistated by this. i would have never sent the 100$ anf got my hopes up if their website didnt blatently say "MOST RECENT DEGREE EARNED".

    good luck everyone. this was a 10 year dream just crushed of mine.
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    Are you kidding me! I am in the same boat! Have you called them to clarify?
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    No kidding, lots of tears today.

    I sent two emails to two different people. And called and left someone a voicemail. I'm just devistated.
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    I hope you hear something back and it was some kind of mistake!! Yikes! Good luck!
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    I heard back. Bad news. I just completed a rn-bsn bridge. My cumulative gpa is 3.68, my overall was 2.65 because of associate level courses factored in. She said "cumulative and overall are interchangeable terms between institutions". I will not be considered for admission. Heart broken.

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