GPA for Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge?

  1. Hello!

    Well, I got my first B in nursing school, and I'm wondering what GPA I need to get into Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge program for CNM. It looks like I'm headed for my 2nd B in another nursing class (I still have time to possibly pull it back up), but I'm wondering if I should quit beating myself up over it.

    So, if those of you enrolled in the bridge program don't mind sharing, what was your ASN GPA?

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  3. by   mom2michael
    per the website:

    have a grade point average (gpa) of 3.0 from the most recent degree earned. if gpa is 2.7 - 2.99, the applicant must take either the graduate record examination (gre) or the miller analogy test (mat) and obtain a satisfactory score. click here for the gre website and here for the mat website. minimally acceptable gre scores are either a total of at least 1000 on both the verbal and quantitative sections or at least 500 on either the verbal or quantitative sections and 3.0 on the analytical portion. minimally acceptable mat scores are a raw score of 45 and/or a scaled score of 403-408. please note that an applicant with a gpa less than 2.7 will not be considered for admission.

    an applicant with a gpa below 2.7 may consider reapplying after they demonstrated success in graduate level nursing courses by successful completion of 9 or more graduate credits with a b or better grade in each course.

    hope that helps.
  4. by   Smark35
    They do have very clear criteria posted, but I understand the bridge program is quite competitive. This most recent admission, there were 45 applicants for 20 positions. As I understand it, about 10 weren't really qualified d/t not meeting the minimum GPA or experience, so they were passed over. The remaining 35 vied for the 25 slots.

    I was accepted, and my GPA for my associate degree was 3.43 and for my LPN it was 3.34. I know they also consider the strength of your references and admission essays, and probably the quality of your experience as well as the quantity. The phone interview is a factor as well. Don't beat yourself up over anything it's too late to change, but don't slack off, either. Do the best you can and don't give up on your dream. Shannon
  5. by   littlemamakt
    Thanks for the info guys! Right now I believe I have a 3.76 still, so I think I'm okay. I applied for a job in the nursery at the hospital where my clinical is. I'm so excited about that idea. Plus it would be good experience to have when I apply to Fontier! So, that has raised my spirit a bit since the B.

  6. by   TLAandy
    3.0 Not too bad. I have gotten all A's in my program and 1 C and I am at a 3.866, so I think you will be fine. what is your expected application date?
  7. by   tmcwharton RN
    Hello does anyone know about other prereqs, my GPA is good I have plenty of experience but my ADN program did not require Bio Chem or Chem ? I have made a few phone calls to Frontier but I haven't gotten through yet.

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