Getting pushed to do RNC, I'm CNM student....does it really matter?

  1. Hi fellow nurse friends.I have a quick question. I am in my last few months of my midwifery program which I am doing full time, and I work full time and I have 5 kids. My L&d nurse manager is pushing me to do L&D RNC, and/or APEX project. Needless to say my days are already very busy without adding anything else. So my question: Do those awards make any difference for me long term in landing a CNM job after I graduate? My feeling is that if I planned to remain a staff nurse then sure, but I don't feel the extra stress is benificial to me at all.Thoughts???
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  3. by   mommy2boysaz
    Sounds very unreasonable to me. You are pursuing something greater than your RNC already, and are almost finished! I think you have MORE than enough on your plate at this time!
    I am a CNM and I personally do not think a prospective employer is going to take a RNC into account when considering hiring you. They are going to look at your MSN, your CNM, and your years of OB experience.

    If your manager just wants you to do a "project", maybe you could instead offer to do a brief inservice or presentation for the staff on something significant you've learned in your courses, such as evidence based practice R/T intermittent FHM, or eating in labor, or epidural use R/T breastfeeding, etc.
    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   peeweedelivery
    Hi mommy2boysaz! Thank you so much! Those were my thoughts as well but I wanted to make sure I was accurate in my decisions to forgo the RNC. I am actually already heading a study in our antepartum unit that I developed myself and she loves it, so I figured that should suffice for "being involved" on developing EBP guidelines at our hospital. Thank you for your advice! I will continue to politely decline the invites to participate with RNC.Ps....I've looked at CNM jobs with IHS in AZ, are you familiar with any of them?
  5. by   Esnooopy
    i just want to take my hat off to you. frankly, i can't imagine doing all that you do even if there were two of me!!!!

    (i have zero inside info to qualify to give advice on your actual question, but the advice you got above does sound about right!)

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