Emory CNM graduates--I could use your opinions

  1. I was just accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory for the Family Nurse Midwife specialty (dual-track CNM/FNP). Since they don't require interviews, I also didn't get an opportunity to interview them and learn more details about the program. I'm wondering whether any graduates of the program--or even those who only did the CNM--would mind sharing their experiences, good or bad, pros and cons of the program, etc? I know Emory is an excellent school, but I'd like to know more info about what kind of clinical experiences I can expect. Are there *any* out of hospital birth experiences, and if so, where? Is there an option to do an immersion semester elsewhere, as seems to be the norm for several other programs in the final midwifery semester? I also interviewed at Vandy for the same dual-track, and I feel like I have a good shot at getting in there, so I'd welcome any input from that side, too.

    If it helps give some perspective on factors that I have to consider, I am married with three small children. I know I'll basically be absent for the duration of any program, but I'd like to be able to squeeze in some time with my family in whatever small pockets I can find. I'm originally from Georgia, so we have a lot of family support there, whereas Nashville would be completely new for us. I know Vandy's program requires a lot of travel, and that will mean some complicated logistics for our family (and less of me being around), but if someone can really sell me on it as a much better program (I know they're ranked higher) in terms of clinical experiences, I could be convinced to make it work.
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    I honestly can't give you any input, however I did read somewhere here on AN that someone that participated in Vanderbilt's program had to relocate to California for clinicals....