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    I am currently enrolled in a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner program, however I am starting to have second thoughts, looking more toward certified nurse midwife? From what I understand, a certified nurse midwife can deliver and do all of the same things that a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner can do. However, it is not true in the opposite? Help in making a decision?
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  3. by   AP0525
    Hi. I just applied to NM program and am waiting for decisions. From discussions I've had with instructor, as well as CNMs, you are correct. CNM can do everything a WHNP can, PLUS are trained to deliver babies. Whereas, WHNPs CANNOT deliver babies. So, if delivering is something you really want to do, you have to be a midwife.

    Another misconception some people have is that if you complete a NM program, you are also eligible to sit for the WHNP board exam. This is NOT true according to my school. WHNPs cannot sit for the NM board exam and vice versa. However, if you were a CNM, there really is no nerd to sit for the WHNP exam, I think.

    That's the only info I can offer. Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    What school did you apply to? The CNM programs are all distance based, and it scares me a bit. Plus, I am a male, not sure how well this will go over? Any idea?
  5. by   AP0525
    I live in N.C and applied at East Carolina University. The lecture portion of the program is online, but I will still have to go to campus approximately 4 times each semester for lab. The clinical sites they have set up are all over the state of NC. I won't have to find my own clinical sites. They take care of it, which is a huge plus! So, it's not "completely" online, which I like.

    As far as you being a male, I cannot really offer much insight. But, I do not think this would keep you from getting into a Midwifery program. I have read threads about male RNs working in L&D.
  6. by   LibraSunCNM
    I'm a midwifery student at NYU, and just want to tell you that not all programs are distance-based. Did you look at the ACNM's website for their list of current CNM programs? Many if not most are brick and mortar. Also, I was at the ACNM annual meeting in June and I met several male midwives and midwifery students. I don't think it would be a problem at all getting into a program because of that.
  7. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    How funny, I was just looking at N.C and applied at East Carolina University.
    So it sounds like it could be completed distance based, if the classes are online. When you have to go to campus those 4 times per semester, is it once a month for an entire day or something?
    I am not aware of how clinical hours are calculated, do you think that they might crunch several shifts together to meet the number of hours needed in a shorter period of time? I like this school a lot.
  8. by   AP0525
    As far as the labs, I'm not sure exactly how it works. I was just told by one of the instructors that you have to come to campus a few days each semester. But, I'm not sure if it is a few days in a row at one time, or spread out over the semester.

    Did you apply for Spring 2013? If so, I was told that their will be an information session on 10/29 (the application deadline is 10/15) from 1300-1430 with interviews before and after for those chosen to interview.

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