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There is this school to teach Midwifery, the link is My question is, would a school like that be worth it? Or is it better to go for Nurse Midwifery? Is the job market better for CNMs over CMs? I do live in New Mexico, which is... Read More

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    In some ways it is not. There is knowledge to be learned and clinical skills to be learned. But, most CPMs do not do typical school. Even the CPM schools are different from traditional schooling. Is it as rigorous as getting a BSN and a MSN? Of course not. Apgar10 likes her nurses training. I did not. I saw most of it as not necessary for much of midwifery practice. But, I did learn new things. CNMs do have a larger scope of practice than any CPM/LM. They do need a better foundation in some areas that a CPM does not need. A CPM will never prescribe medications. She is also not supposed to do anything complicated.

    Anyway, the training of a CPM and a CNM is different. One problem I am seeing out there now is that some are moving through the training really fast and I do not think that is wise. But that is another discussion for another day.
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    Quote from LynnetteCPM
    Apgar10 likes her nurses training. I did not.
    Correction, I my nursing school training.
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    It is just so hard to get all of those letters clear. Non nurse midwives in NM are known as LM. If they license the CM (those that take the same test as ACNM) then that will need to be investigated further. Again, the school posted is for gaining the CPM and then becoming licensed as non nurse midwife in whatever state the student lives in. In Colorado we are called RM for registered midwife. In most other states they use the LM designation. Of course other states do not license for non nurse midwifery at all. It is important to consider carefully any education path and be sure that it is getting you what you want.
    Wisconsin does License non-nurse midwives; CPM, LM
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    This program helps you get a CPM ( not a CM. Then you could be licensed in NM as a LM (I think that is the license) and not a CNM or CM. I do know a few who have gone through the program. I guess is just depends on your career goals. It is important to remember that CPM programs/licenses are completely unrelated to RN/CNM education and licensing (and jobs).

    -Lynnette, first a CPM, then a RN, now in CNM school
    Hello! I couldn't help but notice your pathway to becoming a CNM. I was just browsing old discussions and stumbled upon this one. I am a few posts away from PMing you otherwise I would have done so. My question/comment is a little off topic but I am currently in nursing school and have always envisioned myself on the pathway to becoming a CNM. I was wondering why you chose to pursue a CNM? I just thought that since there are no state restricitions and the option to work in a hospital is there with a CNM I would just do that. Upon more research and volunteering with a few CPMs I am second guessing the CNM route. Not much, just a little. I am curious as to what your two cents would be since you have both titles behind your name?

    Thank you so much!