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  1. 0 Anyone can tell me schools that offer a dual degree CNM/FNP program? I know of only a couple and I want to see if there are anymore out there.

    Secondly, with the whole DNP, if I were to do a combined program, would I need to do the DNP for both specialties?
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    Hi dancing nurse! *waves*
    I'm sure you know about emory and vandy. I'm pretty sure they are the only ones..back from my obsessive researching days a year or so ago. But good news is I was googling that and apparently there are a decent amount of job postings for dually certified FNP/CNM!
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    yay!!! Yup i know of only those two
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    Frontier offers a post-master's WHNP certificate if you're interested in somethin like that. If you have read any of my other posts, you know I'm a HUGE ECU fan, and I think they offer something like Frontier as well.
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    I am also considering this track. I am still in school, so I have a couple years. University of Michigan school of nursing has a "family nurse midwife" program which allows you to sit for both a CNM and FNP certification exam.