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Has anyone out there applied for CNEP class 119? I just did last week and it is such a LONG wait to find out anything. I am going to be a nervouse nelly for months!... Read More

  1. by   OBRNED
    Quote from Mel_81_99
    So the new degree options are posted. Has anyone looked at it? For the first time starting with the class we have applied to 119, Frontier is now offering a MSN-DNP midwifery! I asked about it. We don't have to complete the whole program, we have the option to stop at our masters or to continue on and get the DNP.
    If we go fulltime the program will take us 13 terms instead of just 10.
    Part-time 19 terms instead of 14. What does everyone think? Do you think you will go on or just stop at your MSN?
    Cost is now $40,905 according to the website for both fulltime and part- time if you complete the MSN w/DNP.

    I seen this yesterday as well. Eeek! I will probably go for it if I am accepted. I think it is the future of advanced practice nursing. I wonder if you could get your masters take the examination and work while you are finishing the DNP. Do you know how long the terms are and how do they run? I noticed in the doctorate portion of it there was a classes on being an educator. Second to obstetrics my passion is education so that part of it makes me excited.
  2. by   Mel_81_99
    Frontier does 4 quarters a year. Each is 11 weeks long. At this point that is all I know. OBRNED are you planning on working while attending?
  3. by   OBRNED
    Quote from Mel_81_99
    Frontier does 4 quarters a year. Each is 11 weeks long. At this point that is all I know. OBRNED are you planning on working while attending?
    If I get accepted I am going to work initially but if needed I am prepared to drop to less hours or not work at all. I plan on starting part time but the thought of being in school for four years is a bit depressing. How about you?
  4. by   Mel_81_99
    I am planning on full-time if I get accepted. And if need be I can always cut back at work or drop to part-time at school. But I am kind of like you. I don't really want to be in school for 4 years. 2.5 years was long enough for the MSN. But now I am thinking about just completing the DNP since it's only 2 additional terms. And more education never hurts anyone!
  5. by   Ozark_RN
    I noticed this is a forum for Frontier's CNEP Class 119; however, I was wondering if anyone else has applied to the WHCNP Class 119. I mailed the remainder of my application today for the WHCNP program that starts in November. I have heard that the FNP program was hard to get into, but have not heard anything about the WHCNP program.
    Good luck to all of you!!
  6. by   OBRNED
    I haven't heard anything about the difficulty in getting in for the whcnp program but I do know several people who have been through the program in the past! Good luck to you as well =).
  7. by   BrightGiftRN
    Hello! This is my first post I hope you don't mind my jumping in here
    I just got my acceptance email - ill be in Class 117, for CNM at Frontier! Like you OBRNED, L&D and Education are my passions My class is MSN, though there's still the option of DNP at the end. So I'm planning on finishing, then getting the Women's Health credential (I think it's about 4 more credits or such). Then, I might go back for the DNP or I might just work and get settled. I agree DNP is ultimately ideal, but I think Frontier is cutting edge and forward thinking. I think it'll be some time before DNP is mandatory. You know how slow legislators are!
    Question - how old is everyone?? I'll be 41 next month and I wonder if I'm crazy to be undertaking taking this at my age! I also have 2 and 3.5 yr olds, plus homeschool the teens, so I'm wondering exactly how crazy I am?
    Blessings! Melissa
  8. by   Mel_81_99
    Congratulations Melissa!! So happy for you!!! September can't get here quick enough for me! The waiting is so hard.
    I am 31, will be 32 next month. I have an 8 y/o and 12 y/o, both girls.
    Will you be going full-time or part-time? Do you work? You will have to keep in touch and let us know how Frontier Bound goes! Have you accepted your spot?
    Where are you located?

  9. by   OBRNED
    Congratulations Melissa! I don't think you are crazy at all. At times it is going to get a little difficult I am sure. You can do it! I hope I get in. I just noticed that they closed the class that I applied for and that makes me nervous. The deadline was not supposed to be until Aug. 9th. Can you tell us more what your background is.... When is your frontier bound? Thanks in advanced and congratulations!!!

    Oh and I am 27 with a 3 1/2 year old =)
  10. by   BrightGiftRN
    Thank you both!

    I'll be 41 in a month O.O I have 8 children (don't faint!). 5 are still at home, 3 are homeschooling, 2 are dual enrolled taking college classes as well, and the LOs are 2 and 3.5. I had started nursing school in '90, got halfway through, then babies started coming so I shelved school. I went back while still homeschooling 6, and got my ADN in '04. I started teaching childbirth classes (LOVE!), and worked PCU / Tele. Our floor got ICU step down and med-surg too, so it was a great place to start. I did a year ICU for the experience, but I'm not a smother-mother type, and you need to be in ICU. I did a little agency, then a year doing at home visits / case management for Hospice. Awesome! Quit to have the "surprise" baby lol, then had his "playmate". Now, I'm pursuing my passion - Midwifery.
    I applied end of February lol. Eager beaver, eh? I'm wordy, so I was pleased I got my essay to JUST 500 words! The "juggle it all" essay wasn't difficult, and I was blessed to have former co-workers willing to be references. Frontier has been excellent with replying to my questions promptly, and from the research I've done, I'm impressed with them and feel our education, and degrees, will be well regarded. I'll let you know how FB goes next month
  11. by   BrightGiftRN
    Sorry. I'll be full time. Just because I'm a glutton for punishment
  12. by   Mel_81_99
    Quote from OBRNED
    I just noticed that they closed the class that I applied for and that makes me nervous. The deadline was not supposed to be until Aug. 9th.
    OBRNED - this makes me very worried also!! Because orginally they had extended the deadline for CNEP, and now they closed it earlier than the other programs!! September can't get here quick enough for me!!
  13. by   biggolp
    Wow, Melissa!

    Your post gives me hope...

    I am just starting out on my path to midwifery. I am 33 years old and a mother to 7 wonderful children (with #8 on the way).

    Thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey!

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