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BSN to CNM online.. where to start?

  1. 1 Hello fellow nurses! I am scheduled to graduate soon with my BSN. I worked in L&D throughout nursing school and loved it (couldn't get a job there as a new grad so am currently working on TCU). My question is, where do I start from here to receive my CNM? It was easy to find RN-BSN programs, but are there BSN-CNM programs? Is CNM a Masters degree or is it a Post-Masters Certificate? I am so lost! Everything about receiving the Bachelors degree I know like the back of my hand, but dipping into Masters Degree water is a bit intimidating! Thanks in advance!
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    Hi! You are on the right track--most CNM programs are Master's level training programs, though some take you straight to the DNP degree. The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) is a great place to start looking at your options; they discuss midwifery education on their website, on this page:

    Many programs want you to have at least a year of nursing experience before applying/enrolling, so you may want to take that into consideration as well. There are a few good distance programs that allow you to mostly do your clinical studies in your home community with mentor midwives. If you poke around here you can learn a lot! Best of luck to you.
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    Sorry, realized you already were a RN and are getting your BSN--so you probably have the necessary experience already. Go for it!
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    Thank you, I appreciate your response! :-)
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    Did you find this page on the ACNM website? It shows all the distance CNM programs in the US.
    You have lots of options.

    Midwifery Education Programs
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    Frontier came highly recommended by my OB instructor. She just graduated there herself.
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    There's frontier, univ cicinatti, Georgetown, Philadelphia, suny....just go to a search engine. Plenty to choose from.