Brick and mortar CNM schools....

  1. I am hoping to go to CNM school in a few years. I really prefer traditional schooling vs online. Is there a list somewhere or could posters please let me know what programs they are in?
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    I start at OHSU this fall. Yay! OHSU is ranked by US News as the #1 Midwifery program in the nation. It is a brick and mortar school so you have to be able to relocate to Portland, OR.

    Originally I had begun an FNP program in Washington State. Even though it was brick and mortar, you still had to set up your own clinical experiences. This proved challenging for many students, as the UW medical students and PA students compete for clinical sites and their schools arrange the clinical experiences for the students. The local MD's and NP's were less than thrilled to agree to NP students. One student equate the experience to "whoring around for a clinical site". EVERY TERM.

    Many on-line programs require you to arrange your own clinical sites, so it is helpful to approach the midwives in advance to find out if they will support your experience during school.

    OHSU arranges your clinical experiences for you.