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  1. Hello,
    So I am a new graduate nurse with my associates. I am starting my RN-to-BSN in the fall. I enjoyed OB during my clinicals in the RN program and as I try to plan for the future, I see an interest in pursuing a certification in midwifery.

    Can anyone share their opinion on the schooling for a Masters in Midwifery (CNM). Is it possible to accomplish with a family? How many clinical hours? Any input on how the schooling is please please share. I truly would greatly appreciate it.

    thank you all for your time
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  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    Midwifery Education Programs

    This is a link to the list of all of the midwifery education programs in the U.S. from ACNM's website. It gives you websites and contact info for each of the programs, which is where you'd find specifics about how many clinical hours are required by each (there is no set number that each program adheres to, as long as they meet certain guidelines they can pick and choose how many hours they require). Mine was 1100 clinical hours. It is possible to accomplish with a family, but I personally am glad I slogged through it before I had my daughter, it would have been infinitely harder for me. I had a classmate with kids and she seemed to be totally fine with it. It all depends on your program and its flexibility, your family support system, and your personality.
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    Thank you so much for your reply