Why do you love the CCU?

  1. I am a new grad and have an upcoming interview for the CCU. I would love to hear from some CCU nurses about why they love working in this field! What kind of patients do you see on a regular basis? Also what do you believe are the necessary skills/ knowledge to have for this position? (:

    Thanks in advance for your responses! Any advice would be helpful to me!
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  3. by   pitt81
    As a general rule i love the ccu, in my CCU we see a lot of stemi's alog with heart failure pts. We also see a nice share of pre and post heart transplant pt. On a regular day I will usally have one pretty sick pt (vented and/or swanned, on pressors, balloon pump ect..) along with one stable pt ( like a status post cath pt). Their is alot of movement on my floor we are always moving pt to a stepdown then picking up a new one from the cath lab. Also there is a lot of equipment and montoring devices like ballon pumps, swans, coolguard, that you have to get used to. It took me around a year until I really begain to get confident.
    all in all it is a pretty nice job
  4. by   Dodongo
    Nothing is more exiting or intellectually stimulating/demanding than having a pt on pressors, with swan limes, IABPs, having to be able to interpret ekgs in a split second, etc. And the best kind of code is a cardiac arrest. Nothing beats it. I love the CCU. I work in a large ICU that is half MICU and half CCU and I get the best patients and best pathos and treatments. I love my job if you couldn't tell.