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Does anyone have a form to give a comprehensive report to the newer ccu/cvicu nurses? Head to toe,plus meds,AB, IV's Thanks... Read More

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    I REALLY liked the form you just "whipped up" KCIN! I am trying to find a form that is not really for report, but that I can document all my stuff throughout the day on, so that when I go to document in the computer I know exactly when I had a pt visit, gave meds, what FSBS values were, etc...Any help with that?

    I did find it unusual that the OP was from almost 10 years ago - wonder what happened?

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    I work in an open heart unit and report was one of the things that I stressed over for the first couple months. I basically use a modified fancas in which I put everything that pertains to cardiac and fluids at the top.

    I start off with the history and then I do the following:

    IV's - what is running where and at what rate.
    Cardiac - heart tones, ectopy/arrhythmias, rate/BP, chest tubes, urine/foley, vascular/pulses, edema, pacer wires, incisions.

    I usually talk about the labs and meds at this point.

    Respiratory - lung sounds, SATS, vent/O2, rate, suctioning/cough, spirometer

    GI - bowel sounds, diet, BM's, nausea, emesis

    Neuro - A&O?, pupils, strength, movement

    I complete it by talking about the family and visitation.

    I think this is a good way to give report on an open heart unit because it addresses the most important stuff first and moves down the line.
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    I have a form that is very informative for report use that I can get my hands on at work. I don't go back until tomorrow. Sun July 27th. If you still need let me know. I am not sure how to get it to you. Can you attach things on these forums? I am new?
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    Hi I'd really appreciate a copy of the report form. I'm in my last placement and have to do an assignment on an handover.

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    I am very interested in the report sheet gilf7243 mentioned. I know it is a year ago but is it still possible to post it for me???

    Thanks so much
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    Quote from TulsaTime
    I can't find how to attach a file to this but if you send me a private message, I can send you the one i use in word. It puts 2 patients on one page
    please send it to me
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    [font="book antiqua"]i know you are going to get tired of this and i promise to pass it on to others, can you please send me the shift report as well.

    thank you very very much!!!!
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    Quote from italyrn
    I am very interested in the report sheet gilf7243 mentioned. I know it is a year ago but is it still possible to post it for me???

    Thanks so much
    Could you pass the shift report on from this forum?

    Thank you
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    Thank you! It's a beautiful form! Says it all
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    I have to be leader next week (my LAST week of clinicals) and am extremely stessed. Is there any way that I can get a copy of your report sheet ASAP? Hopefully, this will reduce my level of anxiety about that assignment.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. is it in .doc form??? For some reason, when I go to download any of the forms from this site (even if they have a .doc extension)......... they download in .php format and I can't open them.
    Thanks again!!

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