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RN Cath Lab Interview

  1. 0 Hello, I am seeking advice for my interview in the Cardiac Cath Lab. I have two years experience as a tele nurse; patient ratio 6:1 and the floor was more of a stepdown unit than a tele unit. I am wondering what type of questions I should have for the cath lab; what should I be looking for in this employer? And what type of questions should I be prepared for? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, I have never been a cath lab so to say, but I do outcomes for a cardiac cath lab, so I am in there a lot, observing. I was an ICU bedside nurse prior to this and let me tell you, the cath lab is a while different world and skill set.

    DO your research on the position. It a very technical position, really needing to anticipate equipment use. You work very, very closely with the doctors.

    You MUST have a very strong knowledge of the coronary anatomy, it's a must.

    Ability to go from something very routine to an emergency situation.

    Highlight these features.
    Good luck, the cath lab as a bedside nurse seems like a very interesting place to be and quite honestly would rather work in lab. Much different than floor nursing, to be quite honest, but you learn A LOT. Once people get there, they generally don't want to leave!
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    How do you handle stress? Give an example and how you handled it.
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    Ideas on questions to ask:
    - Is the position for scrub? Recovery? circulating? Or a combination of all of the above?
    - Will there be call (evenings or weekends), if so what are the expectations/rotations per month?
    - Will the cases all be cardiac, or do they also do radiology procedures? (so you have an idea of the kind of cases)
    - What kind of leadership is around? (is there strictly a manager who may/may not work in the lab or are there shift supervisors also)
    - How does the staff get along? Do they socialize outside of the work environment? (You want to get a good sense of the teamwork and attitude of the staff. This can be a stressful position - although very fun! You want to be working with other staff that is teamwork focused as it is essential for a positive working environment in this kind of situation. I've worked in a lab before where everyone was doing their own thing and it made the lab miserbale)

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