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Hello, I am a new grad and am looking for a good reference book for critical care. I have heard about Portable RN, but was not sure if something else would be better? Also if anyone has a good reference sheet for rounds, hand... Read More

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    I am a new grad (2 months exp.) and have all the above-mentioned reference books. I got them because they are highly recommended. However, at this point I find that I need more than a reference - I need explanations. When I come home with questions, I use 3 books:

    1) Critical Care Nursing: a holistic approach (by Patricia Gonce Morton and Dorrie Fontaine) - this is a textbook

    2) Critical Care Nursing Certification (by Ahrens, Prentice and Kleinpell) - this has fantastic practical information in the review section and is well indexed

    3) Manual of Critical Care Nursing (by Swearingen & Keen) - condensed disease process and treatments, labs, etc.

    Hopefully you find what you're looking for!

    I love Manual of Critical Care Nursing. I think a new edition is about to be released. VERY thorough, but not too thick (like the ICU book).
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    What's Portable RN?
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    Quote from californiarnbsn
    What's Portable RN?
    This thread is 2 years's a book...

    Portable RN, The All-in-One Nursing Reference a reference book.
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    Fast Facts is excellent...they have an app version of it for the iPhone, too. It's $30 which is cheaper than the book. Definitely worth the money either way.