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PTT monitoring

  1. 0 The scenario '' Pt is on heparin therapy for DVT treatment. Last PTT 102 ''
    Question: Is this PTT a normal therapeutic range? The literature provides different answers. I am confused. Can you tell me what the range should be.
    According to my book aPTT = 20-39 Therapeutic range 1.5 - 2.5 normal.
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    Our hospital has a heparin protocol - docs can order a drip by protocol where we can adjust based on PTTs or order without protocol in which we give them the results and they order a new dosage.

    In any case the pt should have a baseline PTT for comparison. By our protocol we stop the drip for an hour for a PTT over 100, then restart at a specified lower dose and recheck PTT 6 hours later.
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    Thank you. It was helpful information to know.
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    Protocols online to google: heparin drip DVT protocol. eg.

    102 is high at my place of work and heparin would be turned off for an hour.
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    At my facility that I used to work at, the protocol for therapeutic was 70-90. Some doctors wrote their own parameters. Every facility may be different, so check your facility for their protocol and P&P. 102 would definitely be high and we did also stop the infusion for one hour also. Good luck!