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I am so thrilled! I just found out that I will be precepting in the CCU! I was going to post this in the nursing student area, but wanted to get some feedback from CCU nurses!!! What would you want... Read More

  1. by   gallifrey
    Quote from Madds06
    I just purchased the app called "Fast Facts in Critical Care" by Kathy White and the IABP and Cardiac Surgery one to go with it!
    I wish I had seen this before I finished my CCU partnership! Just looked it up after reading this post and it looks like it would've been a much quicker resource. Thanks for posting! I'll pass it along for the next group.
  2. by   on eagles wings
    Quote from Madds06
    How is your precepting experience going in the CCU??
    Its been great! All your tips have come in handy, so I thank you again.

    I've already gotten the chance of seeing septic shock, resp failure, ARDS/pulm edema, post-MI, encephalitis pts... stuff i've never seen before and its been amazing. Lots of drips like you said! I just love it and would love to work on a floor like this someday. =) How about you?
  3. by   MikiM
    I'm about to start my preceptorship in a CCU in January. I'm so nervous that I don't know where to begin reviewing! Thanks for this thread. It has given me alot of information. Do you have any advice for me? I really want to be prepared before I start.
  4. by   gallifrey
    I liked icufaqs for a quick and easy to use reference with a little comic relief
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  5. by   Madds06
    Glad everyone is having a good experience in the CCU! The best thing to start reviewing is hemodynamics! That's what I saw used so very much in the CCU I was in. Also any of your critical care lectures pertaining to the heart, STEMI's, telemetry, and IABPs!