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I am so thrilled! I just found out that I will be precepting in the CCU! I was going to post this in the nursing student area, but wanted to get some feedback from CCU nurses!!! What would you want... Read More

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    Quote from Madds06
    I just purchased the app called "Fast Facts in Critical Care" by Kathy White and the IABP and Cardiac Surgery one to go with it!
    I wish I had seen this before I finished my CCU partnership! Just looked it up after reading this post and it looks like it would've been a much quicker resource. Thanks for posting! I'll pass it along for the next group.
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    Quote from Madds06
    How is your precepting experience going in the CCU??
    Its been great! All your tips have come in handy, so I thank you again.

    I've already gotten the chance of seeing septic shock, resp failure, ARDS/pulm edema, post-MI, encephalitis pts... stuff i've never seen before and its been amazing. Lots of drips like you said! I just love it and would love to work on a floor like this someday. =) How about you?
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    I'm about to start my preceptorship in a CCU in January. I'm so nervous that I don't know where to begin reviewing! Thanks for this thread. It has given me alot of information. Do you have any advice for me? I really want to be prepared before I start.
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    I liked icufaqs for a quick and easy to use reference with a little comic relief
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    Glad everyone is having a good experience in the CCU! The best thing to start reviewing is hemodynamics! That's what I saw used so very much in the CCU I was in. Also any of your critical care lectures pertaining to the heart, STEMI's, telemetry, and IABPs!

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