Littman vs. Ultrascope vs. others

  1. 0 I started working on CVICU several months ago and have had two Littman Master Cardiology steth's stolen. I am looking to get a cheaper model in a crazy color that hopefully won't have the same fate. I have heard about some non-branded, cheaper steths that are amazing, as well as the ultrascope and maxiscope. For my area of practice (CVICU), does anyone have any cost-effective recommendations? Thanks!
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    Don't put your stethoscope down?
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    I just bought a Kila, single-head cardiology scope. I think it works very well. Extremely comparable to Littman Master Cardiology for less than a third of the price.
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    I have a Maxiscope in Bright Orange and a Cardiologist III. I find myself using the Maxiscope more often, I can hear just as well and it is much lighter around my neck.
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    Keep scope around neck, if lent out stay by their side. Have name engraved in it.
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    Yeah, keep in in your pocket or something. Actually, those cheapie isolation scopes hear pretty well. Good in a pinch.
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    I did quite a bit or research before getting a replacement for the $18 one that got me through school and the first six months of my practice. I ended up getting an ADC (American Diagnostic Corporation) Adscope Platinum Cardiology model off for around $90. It's reviews compare very favorably to the Cardiology III, and everyone I've lent it to actaully seems to prefer it...
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    I love my Ultrascope. I hear better with it than with my Littman Light (I think that is what it is...$79 or so). My only gripe is that it is heavy around my neck. But I have my name in the design of the bell so it doesn't go far. That and it is bright pink with dog paws so not many people want it.

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