IV Dobutamine Calculation!!

  1. 0 Ok, so the physician ordered 2.5mcg/kg/min. Pt weights 99.7 kg. Dose on hand is 500 mcg/250 ml. How many cc/hr would you run the IV dobutamine? (Need to check my answer!!) Thanks in advance.:typing
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    ok, you made it alittle more difficult, but I am assuming that it is 500 MG/250 ml. Otherwise it would be running very very fast.


    14955mcg/hr divided by 2000mcg/1ml =7.46 ml/hour

    Hope that helps!
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    500mg / 250ml x 1000mcg / 60min / 99.7wt = 0.334 constant
    2.5mcg / 0.334 = 7.5 ml/hr
    You can use the constant to figure any dose/rate
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    Thanks to you both!!!! You rock!

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