is MAP or diastolic BP below 60 that means tissues are not perfused? is MAP or diastolic BP below 60 that means tissues are not perfused? | allnurses

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is MAP or diastolic BP below 60 that means tissues are not perfused?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a newly qualified nurse and this may seem a silly question but I'm a little confused. I was taught throughout my training that if the mean arterial pressure is below 60 then the tissues are not perfusing adequately but today I was told by a collegue that it is when the diastolic is below 60. Which is correct?
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    My dialostolic BP is often below 60 -- and my doctor and I consider that a good thing. There is nothing wrong with that. Your colleague is wrong.
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    Thankyou :-)
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    No your colleague is wrong, a MAP below 60 means decreased perfusion, not the diastole. They're confusing the two. Think of this way, if a pt has a BP of 90/50, his MAP = 63. Point proven your colleague is incorrect

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    MAP > 60 or 65 would help indicate adequate perfusion. Diastole is a filling pressure; < 60 can be ok.
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    Yep MAP needs to be above 60 for adequate perfusion to the body. On our unit we pay very little attention to the B/P numbers and focus more on the MAP. I have had several nephro docs tell me though that the MAP needs to be 70 or better for adequate perfusion to the kidneys.
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    Coronary perfusion occurs in diastole. One requires a certain amount of pressure to adequately perfuse the myocardium, but 50 is usually enough.
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    Typically a map above 60 is adequate perfusion. However, when dealing with hemodynamically compromise patients a map of 80 , just to say a number may not reflect an adequate body perfusion. A map can be affected by many variants.
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    Agree with my fellow nurses MAP <60 is decrease perfusion to all your major organs. Remember the correlation between your aline pressures to get your MAP. Diastolic <60 can cause your MAP to drop.

    I remember when i was in my critical care course (no going to tell you how long ago ) i was taught MAP >65 is all organs perfused , MAP 60 is brain only & MAP < 60 nothing perfusing.

    Hope this helps