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Interview in 2 days! Need help please!

  1. 0 So I have an interview for the CCU on Thursday. In the email I was told by the recruiter to be prepared to answer basic clinical questions? This sounds simple but I have been out of practice with interviews and not quite sure what to expect.

    Do any of you remember what you were asked? Can you give me any questions that I can start working on?

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    Are you a new grad or do you have experience? When I interviewed as a new grad, they focused more on behavioral questions as opposed to actual clinical situations; however, if you have experience, I would be prepared to be able to answer both behavioral and situational questions. And don't forget to prepare answers for the basic questions, like "tell me about yourself" and your strengths and weaknesses. And PLEASE do not tell them that you do not have any weaknesses!
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    They may give you clinical scenarios that will require a knowledge of ECG interpretation or basic knowledge of pharmacology such as what drugs to use in what clinical situation or rhythm. Been a CVICU nurse for over 12 years and had an interview for a per diem position at another hospital and those were some of the questions they asked me. I had already taken a ECG test and basic calculations exam before the interview.
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