How to transition to Cardiac Care

  1. I'm currently working as a contact nurse on a med/surg/tele unit. At the end of my contract in May 2012, I will have almost a year and a half of acute care experience. I'm just wondering what is the best way to transition into critical care nursing? The hospital I currently work for is not very supportive in transferring med/surg/tele nurses out to other units. Around the same time my contract finishes, I will be earning my BSN. Also what sort of certifications should I have? I do not hold any certifications at the moment, aside from BLS. The hospital I have been looking into applying to has 5 specialized ICUs (neuro, vascular, trauma, (etc.)). At this point, I feel I don't have the experience to make a decision where I want to specialize and what would be the best match for me. Are most hospitals flexible in floating new hires, to various departments to find the best fit, or is there typically no flexibility? I have nearly 6 months before I will be looking to make the transition, so I'm just wondering what I need to do to prepare myself. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks!
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  3. by   Pappilli0n
    Sounds like your hospital knows a good thing when they see it and don't want to encourage transferring from a no doubt busy floor to another area of the hospital.
    You must remember when you do go to a new and highly skilled area to work there will be an orientation and training period....use this time and learn and practice as much hands on as will be allowed. You'll "get there" and will even feel good in your own skiin in a few months....maybe even in a year.