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Hello Everyone, First, a caveat. I'm in my last semester of school doing a precepted clinical in CCU, so basically, I know absolutely nothing about anything. Please forgive my ignorance, but if... Read More

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    Quote from CCL RN
    Quite the opposite... When I see tombstones I want to do something! They make me very excited!

    Even better is when they inflate a balloon and you see the tombstone T's get smaller and smaller...

    The best is not knowing how mad the RCA is and if they are going to have reprofusion V-Fib/V-Tach.

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    467.... a lady with paranoid schizophrenia...needless to say she went straight to cath lab

    Next highest was a gentlemen who peaked in 300s.....his EKG did show ST elevations, but surprisingly they weren't as far above the isoelectric line as I would have suspected...however he did NOT go to the cath lab for some reason that still eludes me today (His Cr was 2.1 (baseline of 1.8).... I have seen people go for PCI with higher Cr than that which is why I'm still puzzled to this day) Bad medical decision...his kidneys ended up failing him more anyway and they might have been saved if he went....poor guy was a frequent flyer
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    >1000 on a kid whose family brought him into the ER saying he wasn't feeling well. Kid was pale, yellow and looked close to death. Grandparents just shrugged and said he didn't want to get up, and had been lying on the sofa for a few days (later we find out after shooting up)....wow.....
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    Saw one with 900 a couple months ago. He'd been complaining of epigastric pain for about two weeks, never came to the hospital about it. Ended up with a STEMI and all but dead. I saw him in CCU and he was on every vasopressor known to man in addition to propofol and vent. Never thought he'd make it out of CCU. Two weeks later, he was on SDU recovering and then went home. I don't think it will ever cease to amaze me the things we can do to save someone's life.
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    Eek! Ours max's out at 40, but I've had a few intubated, IABP patients myself. Now I'm intrigued...
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    Bad news
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    41.02 ng/mL
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    I had a pt in peri arrest situation with a troponin that came back as >50000 (which is as high as it will read, was initially 13 post STEMI). I think from reading these that is also the equivalent to >500 elsewhere? Did well on inotropes.
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    Working in Canada I've seen 54 for troponin.

    St elevation MI.

    Ususally I see around 10-20 on most pts. Only been working for 2 years so hopefully the number goes down
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    Quote from jelly221,RN
    Oh god I was terrified reading these posts until I realized my hospital uses a different scale. I had a 3.4 (on our scale) the other day, so 3,400 by the standards here. Huge sub endo MI... silly goose went and pulled his A-line out after the stent placement before we could do it and STILL went home the next day. Lucky!
    Just wanna clarify/correct - my hospital uses ng/mL, in which <0.6 is negative. This would be equivalent to 600 ng/dL. So the 3.4 ng/mL would actually be 340 ng/dL. I've since seen a 99 ng/mL (where our lab maxes out), which would be 9,900 ng/dL.

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