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Hello Everyone, First, a caveat. I'm in my last semester of school doing a precepted clinical in CCU, so basically, I know absolutely nothing about anything. Please forgive my ignorance, but if... Read More

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    Quote from jelly221,RN
    Oh god I was terrified reading these posts until I realized my hospital uses a different scale. I had a 3.4 (on our scale) the other day, so 3,400 by the standards here. Huge sub endo MI... silly goose went and pulled his A-line out after the stent placement before we could do it and STILL went home the next day. Lucky!
    Just wanna clarify/correct - my hospital uses ng/mL, in which <0.6 is negative. This would be equivalent to 600 ng/dL. So the 3.4 ng/mL would actually be 340 ng/dL. I've since seen a 99 ng/mL (where our lab maxes out), which would be 9,900 ng/dL.
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    I've just checked my notes discharge notes for my initial troponin level. Following admission to hospital and blood test after 6 hrs following suspected heart attack the blood came back with Troponin level of 2041 yes 2041, I believe there are a number of methods to measure the levels so it may be out of sync with yours but needless to say it's very high.

    On a positive note 6 days later troponin was down to 70 and the consultants write up was similar to this,
    No coronary disease or narrowing of coronary arteries other than L.A.D slightly narrowed around 20%, minor damage to heart and recurrence unlikely.

    This followed a two week stay in hospital numerous tests and checks not to mention monitoring, angiogram, MRI scan etc etc.

    Reassurance I would say is the order of the day and whatever the level of troponin the outlook can still be good.

    Thanks to all who got me through a testing time and made my stay so bearable, you all do great work, thanks again.
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    300 was the highest I've seen.. wow someone on here saw a patient with 580!

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