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Hi everyone, Wanted to get ideas from anyone in this forum in hopes that it helps me come up with something I hadn't already considered. I was a 911 paramedic in a big city for seven years. During my last two years on the... Read More

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    8jimi8: I'll send you a message now on FB. I know FB is weird in that you have to look at "Other" under messages to make sure you see them from non-friends. Thanks!

    SpEdtacular: The original plan was for me to transfer within my hospital. Unfortunately the ICU there is so painfully short of patients that they are hiring no one, and are even having ICU RNs come to the ED to cross train so that they can work their full shifts. I had looked for job fairs and there's not much here. I think I suffer from living in a desirable state so it's a tough job market...hence me being willing to move somewhere else to get some great experience. I will keep my eyes open for more job fairs, though - thanks for the idea.

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