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Is there anyone else out there who is currently studying for the CCRN exam and would like to start a thread as perhaps a study and support group? I have just applied for the exam and have not yet... Read More

  1. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from Spoiled1
    Thanks for the reply! So, if I go that route, do you know what it takes to keep up with both certifications?
    According to the AACN, both the PCCN and CCRN require 100 CERPs (Continuing Education Recognition Points) in various categories (A, B, & C). Check out You also have the option of retaking the exam.

    Right now I am studying for the PCCN. I work in progressive care. I think I would eventually like to end up in a CCU or CTICU/CVICU. I'm using the Pass CCRN! book to study along with listening to the CCRN podcasts on iTunes, which are very informative.
  2. by   turnforthenurse
    So just wondering, what was harder...the NCLEX or the PCCN/CCRN?
  3. by   mandyriess
    I took the PCCN and passed... I mainly studied the Laura gasperis question book and the study guide she gives out at her review. Someone at my facility has both the ccrn and pccn and said they were almost the same test except the pccn doesn't have swans and such. I would highly encourage all cc nurses to seek certifications!
  4. by   umichjenks
    Just passed CCRN with a score of 103/125. I probably studied on and off for a few months. I used Laura Gasparis's DVDs, her CCRN questions book and the Pass CCRN cd. I was usually getting high 60s-low 70s on the practice tests on the cd and book. Good luck all.
  5. by   graceakin
    I just took CCRN and I used Gasparis DVD watched them and took notes. She sends you a book with all her slides so I took notes in that book. Then 95 percent of my time was focused on doing pass CCRN questions by Dennison. I honestly believe that if you practice questions you will be successful. Also just make sure you fully understand the rationales. Also review your basic critical care knowledge such as the types of shock and hemodynamics of it. DI and SIADH lab values serum and urine. Neuro review your normal ICP, how to tell if you have CSF drainage. . . Basically Gasparis review should be enough. So overall spend time reviewing do a lot of practice questions and review your rationales.
  6. by   gkingRN
    Congrats to all the CCRN. I'm currently studying with PASS CCRN online questions, AACN and LG cd's from 2004. Anyone else use the older CD's for studying? I'm scoring in the mid 60-70's. Scheduled in a few days but thinking I need more time any suggestion?
  7. by   iceyv3
    I'm studying for the CCRN as well. I'm using the pass CCRN question bank. I might be purchasing the Laura G DVDs soon. I'm planning on taking it late next month.
  8. by   SNJS
    For those of you who have taken the exam, do you have any advice for the "Professional Caring and Ethical Practice" section? I am surprised that it is 20% of the exam...same as CV! Are these questions common sense, or would it be worth studying that section in the Pass CCRN book? I would prefer to focus my time on the other sections. Any advice? Thanks!
  9. by   EyeSeeYou2004
    I would recommend going to a seminar. Cammy House Fancher is excellent. Laura Gasparis is funny but felt what I learned at seminar was covered more on my test. I passed first time. ICU nurse for 10 years.
  10. by   mlud444
    Anyone have Laura Gasparis DVD's or CD's you're looking to get rid of? I've been using PASS CCRN by Dennison but would like extra material to study. Taking the CCRN in one month and am very nervous. The test plan is also changing, has anyone else run into this issue with scheduling your test? The old test plan expires Oct 15th, and a new one begins. Not sure if I should rush to take the old one or wait to take the new one? Super nervous for this test. Been working in an ICU for 2.5 years and loving it!
  11. by   nurs1ng
    Tried to purchase Laura Gasparis' DVD set.. is it true that it's $700? Where can I buy these cheaper? Thanks in advance!
  12. by   miehe150
    I'm re-listening to the Laura Gasparis CCRN review. Does anyone remember the part about a nurse always copying other nurses' charting? Could anyone help me with what section this is in? I can't find it! Thank you!