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Is there anyone else out there who is currently studying for the CCRN exam and would like to start a thread as perhaps a study and support group? I have just applied for the exam and have not yet... Read More

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    I think it addresses your question in the CCRN info on the AACN website. If memory serves, time while you're in training does not count.

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    So, tomorrow is the start of a 2 day CCRN review at my hospital by Dr. Laura Gasparis! I have never seen her talk in person, but have seen clips from her DVDs! I plan on taking the exam at the end of the year, and will begin my studying July 1st.
    Any tips for attending the review? To me, it is more of a kick start to my studying. Obviously, I'm going to take notes or type, but would love to record the lecture on my macbook. I doubt this would be allowed though, so I'll see.
    Do you think if you've attended a live 2 day CCRN review by Laura Gasparis that you should still invest in her DVDs or would it be equivalent?

    ps: the course is free to us nurses! love my hospital.
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    You are sooooooooooo lucky!! I spent tons of money on all types of "test" material for CCRN. I especially enjoyed Dr. Gasparis-Vonfrillo's tapes. I used them on my morning run for six months prior to testing. I passed the first time; but know this: the best description I can give on the test is "if you know when you do this - why you do this- and when you do this- the patient can be expected to react in this manner". Hope that makes sense. For example: when I give the renal patient Lopressor 5 mg IV, the effect I expect to see is ......
    I say your facility is okay - if they are willing to absorb the cost then lucky, lucky you.
    Study diligently...good luck. I know you can do it!!
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    It is very doable to pass the CCRN, the time you put into studying will wreep great rewards. The self satisfaction of walking out of the exam feeling confiedent and competent is breath taking. I can attest to this, on June 11, 2010 I became a CCRN and I always feared the Icu and let alone this test when I started in nursing 7 years ago. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I started studying really hard once I paid for the exam, so if that tells you something. Sometimes you have to put your money where you mouth is. Just like my name says "UCAN2CCRN".
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    Hey Everyone!!
    I did it!! I finally signed up to after reading all these inspiring posts....I even started on page 1!!
    I also just signed up to take my CCRN exam My date is Sept 13th. I am using Laura Gasparis DVDs and doing questions on the Pass CCRN book as recommended from previous people who have succeeded doing those. Anyone else taking the exam out there??
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    Congratulations on taking the plunge!! Good luck!!
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    I am wondering, besides the sources/books listed, how exactly did everyone begin studying when they first started? The reason that I ask is I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the information, and wanting to read a lot of the reviews, but know it's important to answer lots of practice questions, too. Currently, I divided the systems over the next months to fit into when I will take the exam. I plan to review whatever system is "assigned" that month, and then do questions after, but when I'm reading, it's hard to tell if the info is sinking in. Do you guys take notes when you read, or do you just figure you already DO know this stuff?
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    This is what I did: I used the LG book with questions and rationals. I spent about a month on cardio, then went back to it a couple weeks before the test (to make sure I have retained it). I listened to cd's (trends in critical care) then answered review questions to reinforce what I learned from the CD's. I did this twice over the course of a few months, because I was working and taking grad courses. I took notes in a notebook by reading the rationals, for the one's I got wrong and the right (may not get it right for the correct rationale). I did not study hard until I paid for the exam, then it became a hobby for three months. I had fun and learned alot. IMO...answer as many questions as you can using the LG book and PASS CCRN CD. Thats what I did. Hope this helps you.
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    remember that everyone retains information differently. I have heard some ppl study for one year to 6 months all the down to only 2 weeks. It is what you are comfortable with. I have been given good personal advice that with a 300 question test you should not be studying for a long period of time e.g. > 3-2 m.o. b/c you will not retain all the information by the time you take the test. Commit yourself to the test and study. If there are categories you are weak in (like cardio for me) then go over that material the most. Read the chapter, take notes or flash cards. I have read all the posts on this thread and the majority rules that you should do the questions on PASS CCRN and if you still don't understand the question then read it in the chapter. Don't spend a year studying. Are you really going to remember everything in a year from now? Just remember what you did in nursing school for a 100 question test. You studied for 1 1/2 weeks. Or even the NCLEX. I know this is much harder, but you get the drift. Hope this helps!!
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    I took 2 weeks off from work and crammed every day. Most helpful was PASS CCRN
    and Laura Vonofrilo (sp) tapes. I hardly used the PASS CCRN book, only the CD with
    reading all rationals for each question - even if I got it right.

    I watched the Dr. Laura tapes 3 different times. The first time I just paid attention.
    The second time I took notes. The third I reclarifed things I was confused about
    in my notes.

    Best of luck to all prospective test takers! I just recertified through CERPs becase I
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