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Is there anyone else out there who is currently studying for the CCRN exam and would like to start a thread as perhaps a study and support group? I have just applied for the exam and have not yet set a date, but about in 3... Read More

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    I need to buy those, hopefully after tax time I can invest in a set!

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    I think some of the attitudes we encounter has a lot more to do with them than us; some kind of guilt or fear on their part which they in turn strike out at other people who are trying to better themselves. Don't give anyone else permission to talk you out of achieving your goals; remember misery loves company. I too and going to school for my MSN while I work full time and raise two kids. My life is not easy. There are a lot of people at work that say I try to do too much, or that why am I bothering since the employer doesn't really value CCRN. But I am doing it to make me a better nurse, to help me really learn the material instead of focussing on a grade like I did in nursing school. I get severe test anxiety, but this is just an opportunity to learn, which I love. If I don't pass than I guess I will take it again when I feel ready.
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    I received my authorization to test on Friday, 2/26. Did you get yours?
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    I passed my CCRN this morning. Not a bad test.
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    I just passed yesterday and thought it was hard. Did you receive your certification card yet? I know they say it takes 4-6 wks, but I was hoping sooner.
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    The 4-6 week timeframe for your certification card is accurate. It takes that long (speaking personally, of course).
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    So how was the exam
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    Just took and passed it.....that was one HARD test!!!

    Reading this thread really encouraged me to buckle down and study. Thanks guys! Now it's on to the CEN...
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    Laura Gasparis is giving a two day CCRN review at my hospital, free to us nurses on the 28th/29th! woohooo
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    Weird question---would my time spent in the unit on orientation count towards the 1750 hours??

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