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Is there anyone else out there who is currently studying for the CCRN exam and would like to start a thread as perhaps a study and support group? I have just applied for the exam and have not yet set a date, but about in 3... Read More

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    Ugh! I got a VM today from AMP telling me that the testing site in Portland is going to be closed next week for maintenance, sorry for the short notice, call us to reschedule, etc.

    So no CCRN for me on the 10th after all! This is awful because there is no testing center where I live and I have to go out of town to take it and I really am limited on when I can leave town for a whole day (or two if I have to stay overnight)...I have until December 16th to reschedule. I was taking a leisurely trip to PDX next week, so thought I'd get my CCRN out of the way since I'm near a testing center. Blah!

    On the positive side, I'll have more time to do practice questions! Can never do enough of those!

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    I've just started studying for the exam, and wonder if anyone has any insight into the NEW version out in January. I don't think I'll be ready before then, and wondered if there are any study guides that address the new breakdown of material, or if any are coming out soon. If not, I'll study the old material and take the test when I feel ready, but I'd feel pretty stupid if new editions that address the new test all come out on 1/15. Has anyone heard anything?
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    Go right to the AACN web page and download the new information. The biggest change is probably going to be the behavior questions. Look under certification news.
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    I already did that. I guess these are very new, so of course there won't be any new study guides for a little while. Hopefully I'll know enough to pass!
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    Somewhere on the AACN site, it specifically says what is now omitted and added. It wasn't a huge list of things.
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    T-minus 19 hours and 16 minutes until my CCRN exam!

    I'm a mess!!
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    Quote from Reno1978
    T-minus 19 hours and 16 minutes until my CCRN exam!

    I'm a mess!!
    I am sure you will be fine if you have been doing practice questions. Don't sweat it. At least you learn right after the test if you passed or failed!

    Hang in there Reno, you WILL pass!
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    CCRN is over, and I won! Woot!!
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    I've been reading this thread for the last month as I prepared to take my CCRN and it was immensely helpful. I took my exam today and passed. I appreciate all the useful study tips and strategies that people posted over the long span this thread has run. Thanks.
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