Any good review test for csc?

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    ANY GOOD REVIEW TEST FOR CSC? I just passed CCRN and registered CSC. Anyone who passed CSC kno which book I should study for.

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    Oooooh.... I'd love this information as well! Any good tips about the CSC??

    and kmihaek- Congrats on your CCRN; doesn't it feel great?
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    thank you CVRN11. heeh yes feels great..
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    I took the exam last june. I used the CSC disk that AACN sells directly from their site. It was just a long powerpoint with hours of verbal direction, kinda boring. The test is really detailed, but it follows the blueprint pretty closely. This is what I used to study and I passed.

    Good luck.
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    I used the Med-ed home course for CMC and CSC. It is one disk taught by Cammie House-Fancher and it is awesome. I passed both test in one day. Be comfortable with ABG's/PA Catheters (know them inside and out) and gtts. Maybe review vent settings that relate to ABG results a little. Like a patient is on an AC of 10 and the CO2 is high.....what change would you expect. Most CSC questions have some ABG or Swan reading to interpret but then agian that is what recovering CABG patients is all about.
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    I bought the CSC study disc from AACN. It was review of hemodynamics, etc--not as helpful as I would have liked. I went through the blueprint as a studyguide and used Carol Jacobson's book "Cardiovascular Nursing Practice." This is an awesome book. As many know, Carol Jacobson is a nationally renowned speaker, has her own company (Quality Education Services), and speaks frequently at NTI. Her book is a great study guide for anything cardiac. Her website is

    I took my CSC last June and agree with MCB43076. Know your hemodynamics, ABGs and ventilators.
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    Agree with knowing hemodynamics and meds. I also think that if you've worked in a high volume ICU with lots of open heart patients (CABG's and valves) for a while, you''ll do fine without a lot of serious studying. The test does not delve into VAD's, transplants, ECMO and things of that sort.
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    thank you so much all. i finally got the date.. plan to take around June.. wish me luck
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    Med-ed home course for CMC and CSC
    i would like to hear review from all who tried this med ed.
    Thank you.
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