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does anyone have a policy allowing patients to ambulate with femoral lines? has anyone seen any literature that indicates this is ok?... Read More

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    Quote from pawashrn
    depends on the length and flexibility of the sheath. cath lab sheaths are not designed to be flexible. long arterial sheaths used for monitoring are flexible and move with the patient, unless they have severe calcification and arterial hardening. Then you would be inviting a problem
    I agree with this post. In our instution only patients with flexible fermoral art lines and femoral CVC's are allowed to sit in a chair. We will however advocate very hard with our intensivists to have the lines relocated to a more suitable site. Any other type of femoral katheter is a no go in ambulating the patients.

    Anecdote. I do remember this one time when I was asked to assist on a pleurocentesis in an adjacent ICU. They had a patient "sitting" on the side of the bed on massive amounts of pressors and inotropes with an IABP in place and completely paralysed on a vent. All this to create access to puncture the fluid build up posterior of the lungs. Something about the whole scenario screamed "don't try this at home".
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