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  1. 0 Does anyone have any input on Case Mngmt/Telephonic Nursing for Optum Health/United Healthgroup?
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    I've just started; 1 week ago with Optum health as a telephonic nurse case manager. I'm coming from the hospital setting x 12 years. They seem like a very good company. So far, the nurses I've talked to love their job. It's a huge learning curve coming from the bedside into a business type environment, but if you're the right fit, the company will put the time and energy into making you successful. This is just my opinion, having only been in training and not yet on the floor. Hope this helps.
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    @Kapalmer - Any update after being employed in your new work environment? I am thinking of applying to a position at UHG as a Case Manager or UM Review.

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    Quote from bdwrn
    Does anyone have any input on Case Mngmt/Telephonic Nursing for Optum Health/United Healthgroup?
    I've now been doing this on my own for 2+ months, some days are better than others, but I'm starting to enjoy it. It's a huge shift in terms of mind set vs. the hospital. It really takes time to adjust to a business type environment. It is really a job that would only be good for a competitive type person, because you have to meet "metrics", which means you have to reach so many people, and convince them to work with you.
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    I have worked there, and please allow your self a generous learning curve before jumping ship. The flow as you say, is totally different and your nursing skills need to adapt to this change in role. Yes, there is a strong business side with the number of calls you take, how long each call lasts, and the key areas they want you to talk about, BUT this is an important field that will be getting bigger and bigger. This company as whole is large, and once you have put in a good amount of time, you may find another important role there that speaks to your professional heart.
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    I have recently applied for a NICU case manager position there and I am really hoping to get an interview. I have 7 years of NICU experience but I am not experienced in case management, do they hire and train in this are or do I need cm experience first?
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    Quote from bdwrn
    Does anyone have any input on Case Mngmt/Telephonic Nursing for Optum Health/United Healthgroup?
    What is the salary range for this job? I am interviewing for a CM position for Optum Health tomorrow. Thanks!!!
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    Hi. I started with UHG 8 months go. I love it! Great company.
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    Salary should be $65-75K
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    Hello,I have a friend that worked there..She said it was great until the time they moved to Optum.It went downhill from there.
    You cant leave your desk--you have to put in a code if you leave like breaks or lunch--you are expected to meet an impossible metrics.There is a lot of DO THIS not NOT THAT!...You have to be a superfast typer and fast caller--no quality --only quantity of members youve called matters..they give you sooo littile support but a HUGE amount of EXPECTATIONs and responsibilites
    If you think you are okay to be tied up on a desk and you can record pee breaks,etc then youll love the friend forgets shes a nurse--she thought shes a call agent !..
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    I often felt like telesolicitor. Time and contacts were measured, a check list of needed info covered, however not necessarily a care plan. Love patients, I did not feel like a nurse here. Positives: great people who work there- just don't get to really know them. Also, everything and I mean everything is recorded, timed, including bathroom breaks, lunch etc however no compensation for working late which was daily and really no time for either lunch or a break. If you like nursing, this is a difficult job and I certainly didn't feel like I was a nurse.
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    Been there a couple of months. I am a telemarketer not a nurse. I hated the hospital BS so I left....this is not better, just different. Probably going back to the hospital.

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